Cypress Tanglewood has a Clubhouse located at 4437 Larwin which may be used by our residents. Please contact the CTHOA manager as soon as you have
chosen a date for the event. Conditions and guidelines of use are as follows:

  • The Clubhouse has a maximum capacity of 50 persons. However, if you are using tables and chairs to seat your quests, the maximum capacity is 40 people.
  • You, as the resident of Cypress Tanglewood Homeowners’ Association must be in attendance during the decorating process, during the entire event, and during the clean-up.
  • You are welcome to use the kitchen—after your event, please be sure to remove everything you
    have put in the refrigerator or freezer. Do not leave any food items or ice in the Clubhouse.
  • There are tables and chairs in the cabinets of the Clubhouse. Be sure to put all of the tables and chairs away before you leave. There are 40 folding chairs, 4 square tables—34” square and 6 rectangle tables that are 6 feet long.
  • If you decorate the Clubhouse for your event, please NO NOT attach anything to the walls, beams, or ceiling. Be sure to remove ALL decorations before you leave—failure to do so may result in a forfeit of your security deposit.
  • You may use the air conditioner or the heater, but please remember to turn it to the OFF position before you leave.
  • No alcohol may be served or consumed inside or outside the Clubhouse at any time.
  • Please be sure your guests keep their socializing inside the Clubhouse.
  • The pool and playground areas are not to be used by your guests.
  • When you leave, please take all trash with you.
  • The resident who reserves the Clubhouse is responsible for making sure it is clean after the event.

The $200.00 deposit will be shredded after the keys to a clean Clubhouse are returned.

Click here for the Clubhouse Reservation Form. This form must be filled-out, signed & returned to the clubhouse, or may be filled in and returned via e-mail to Receipt by e-mail constitutes signature, and acceptance of listed conditions.